Top Nail Tips – MBM Special

When it pertains to nail items and nail design the competitors for what product is the very best is huge. Every beauty parlor/ nail salon will have their own choice which is the best product offered, which product provides worth for loan or which product provides the very best results. You might talk to a number of various nail service technicians from the same area and generally they will all be of a different opinion.

That is until the arrival of Shellac nail designs!! After almost 5 years in the making, going through different screening phases in the laboratories it was lastly here. The polish the industry had been sobbing out for, for so long. How many times have customers complained about nails which were chipping or scratching. After just a couple of days of regular wear and tear, professionals will have to designate additional time to rectify those issues on a treatment which they have currently finished which in turn consumes into your time and margins. With Shellac, this issue has actually been gotten rid of for good.

As with any new concept/ item individuals, consisting of experts, are usually skeptical after hearing stories of a lot of great items and treatments over the years which cannot provide. With Shellac nail polish this is one of those times when ‘you need to believe the hype’, this item really is that excellent. The large decrease in drying time alone is an excellent advantage to all nail specialists, but when you add to this the ease of use and the resistance of the polish not to chip or scratch it is incredible. For any nail technician who has not had the benefit of using this item, once you have, you will wonder why no-one has tried this in the past.

Shellac produces some fantastic results and will constantly leave your customers really satisfied. When you inform them of that this is an ensured 14 day manicure they will be even more surprised. The fact that they will not require a more see back to the beauty salon to re-paint a nail or 2 is such a bonus in this day and age where time is so precious.

Not just can you accomplish terrific results for your standard one color or French manicure, with an experienced professional who uses the right tools the nail world is your oyster. With the use of different size nail brushes or nail art devices, many variations of terrific nails are actually within your reaches. With a little vision and a great eye for information the list of what can be attained with this polish is excellent, and with the quick drying time you do not need customers to be waiting around for each coat to dry.

Whatever your own individual design a look will be created to suit. Whether it is to match a particular outfit, an event or even your mood, this is just in a day’s work for your local nail technician now that they are equipped with Shellac. The only issue you might have is as it last for such a long time, will your attire on the 2nd week co-ordinate with your initial choice, but that is a small price to spend for fantastic looking nails.