Master the Art of Positive Self Talk – 7 Steps to Control Your Mind

When we act or react to situations, we usually think we are in control. We hold the notion that our conscious mind directs our thoughts and actions and controls our subconscious mind also. This idea is very wrong. The brain which is your conscious mind has a master; the subconscious mind. The freedom the brain has is merely an illusion created by the subconscious to let you think you are in control. Your positive and negative reactions to events are controlled by first and foremost your subconscious mind.

In order to influence your reaction to situations for a positive result, then you need to train yourself on how to master the art of positive self-talk. Positive self-talk will help you influence the subconscious mind and thus affects your overall mood. To effectively master this, refer to these techniques:

1. Eliminate internal negativity: The first step is to do away with all form of negativity internally. Most of the time, we discourage ourselves even before the outside world tells us that we can’t. The negative emotions buried in our subconscious are the reason why we fail. If people begin to tag you as stupid or being slow, your inner self will begin to the belief that. Get rid of this internal negativity and you will have taken the first giant step.

2. Positive affirmations: After conquering your negativity, you should proceed to replace them with positive comments. Affirm to your inner-self that there is nothing you cannot do. If you truly set out to do it, then you can achieve whatever you wish. This second step will push the subconscious towards accepting the new reality. You might be a skeptic but don’t let your resolve wither away. You can master this step by visiting this website.

3. Positive dreams: Start having visions of success. See yourself celebrating success rather than covering yourself with shame. This will help exercise your conscious part of your brain and set you on the path to success. It might take long but at least you have started the journey.

4. Replace negative influence: Replace those people or things who remind you about failure with those who only see greatness in you. The negative influences have brought negative thoughts and replacing them will bring positive thoughts to you. Seek empowerment from those that matter.

5. Challenge yourself: In tough situations, your message to your inner-self should always be “what do I do to make the best out of this situation”. Never admit defeat to yourself. Doing that will just pave way for failure.

6. Confront your fears: Most often, the things we are afraid to do are the ones that will bring us more success. Confronting your fears is the best way to fight your them and most of the times, you will come out successful.

7. Focus on fun moments: The final step is to focus on enjoyable moments of your life. Focus on the people that bring you joy and use that joy as a source of motivation. Remember that they have high expectations of you and you wouldn’t want to let them down.

These 7 simple steps will help you improve yourself and how you view things. It will invariably have a more positive outlook on life.